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Estimate population around top performant retail stores

This example demonstrates how to use workflow to filter out the top retail stores that belong to a specific category and computes the population living around them.

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Commercial Hotspot Analysis. Identifying Optimal Locations for a New Pizza Place

Identifying an optimal location for a new store is not always an easy task, and we often do not have enough data at our disposal to build a solid model to predict potential revenues across an entire territory. In these cases, managers rely on different business criteria in order to make a sound decision for their expansion strategy. For example, they rely on defining their target market and segmenting population groups accordingly in order to locate the store closer to where the target market lives (e.g. areas with a great presence of youngsters).

In this example, we are going to use the Commercial Hotspots component to explore good locations to open a new Pizza Hut restaurant in Honolulu, Hawaii. We will use H3 as our geographic support and population and distance to existing Pizza Hut stores as our criteria to identify hotspots.

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